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About Mobile Application Testing

At Caelius Consulting, we understand that your Mobile Applications have to work every time, everywhere and for every user. Users expect high quality apps and are quick to switch and voice their opinion, when an app does not work. Thus, our Mobile Application Testing services helps you to achieve high quality, with maximum testing coverage, in minimum time.

In Mobile Application Testing, typical challenges faced by clients include simulating the mobile testing environment (Devices, networks, and location), ability to conduct Load Tests and effectively perform Regression Testing on multiple devices.

Mobile Application Testing

Our trained pool of mobile testers, aims to overcome these challenges by performing effective and comprehensive testing of mobile apps, at all tiers of the application. Our in-house mobile testing labs are well equipped to meet all your testing requirements.

Mobile apps are tested in depth covering Functionality, Usability, Compatibility, Integration, Performance and Regression types of testing. The approach we adopt, provides an accurate way to test errors and saves significant time, cost and effort required for testing your mobile applications.

Key benefits of Mobile Application Testing:

Increase test coverage - We help you in providing the maximum coverage across all supported small hand held devices.

Saves cost - We help you to deliver high quality products and thus help you in lowering your customer service & support costs.

Improves testing results - Our well-defined test processes helps in ensuring consistency in testing and test results.

Improves quality - Our methodology, our proven expertise in test strategy, planning and test execution techniques and our efficient testing through the usage of best practices helps in improving the overall quality of the product.

Saves Time - Our optimized test suite created using Test Case Design techniques provides the maximum testing coverage in minimum time. This reduces the time to market your application.

Structured Reporting - Our streamlined processes ensure timely delivery of reports in given formats, without compromising on the quality of deliverables.