Testing Expertise

Automation Testing

At Caelius Consulting, we perform Automation Testing to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of software testing. Software tests have to be repeated often during development cycles to ensure quality. Every time source code is modified, software tests should be repeated. For each release of the software, it may be tested on all supported operating systems and hardware configurations. Manually repeating these tests is costly and time consuming. Thus, we create automated test suites which can be run over and over again at no additional cost and also helps in saving the manual effort involved.

Automation Testing

Our Automation Testing services includes definition and implementation of test automation strategy covering selection of appropriate test tools, identification of test scenarios to be automated, Test Environment set up, creation of Automation framework, and Automation implementation and maintenance.

Our end to end Automation Testing services reduce business risks and in turn helps in achieving higher reliability and better return on investments.

Key benefits of Automation Testing:

Finding defects early - Automation Testing helps in identifying side-effects of code changes early.

Facilitate in meeting changed business requirement - With changes in business requirement during the testing process and at a later date, we ensure that the existing modules still works correctly and also incorporate the changes in our testing strategy.

Legacy Feature Testing - We help you in testing legacy features of your product, across various releases. Thus, the focus of the Manual testing team remains on the new/enhanced features delivered in the current release and automated test suites help you test the legacy features.

Saves Time - We automate tasks which are repeatable in nature during the project lifecycle and thus help in saving overall time.

Saves manual effort - We automate repeatable tasks which helps in saving manual effort, which can further be utilized for improving the quality of the product.

Improves Quality - Our methodology, our proven expertise in test strategy, planning and test execution techniques and our efficient testing through the usage of best practices, helps in improving the overall quality of the product.