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Snowflake-the data warehouse built for the cloud, offers blistering performance, incredible ease of use and complete elasticity. Collect more data than ever before for the performance and scalability modern enterprises need—Leverage a hybrid, multi-cloud strategy easily integrated across cloud providers.

Snowflake's unique architecture provides complete database support for structured data (CSV files) and Unstructured data (JSON, Parquet, Avro, etc.), all in a singular, logically integrated solution. This SQL data warehouse built from the ground up to the cloud has enabled cloud services to scale and change independently, delivering cutting edge data-driven insights for your business needs.

Solution Design

Snowflake Implementation

We Accelerate performance with our pre-built framework and architecture, bringing rapid value for our customers. Our deep expertise in data warehouses drives an organised and agile snowflakes implementation.

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Salesforce Optimization

Snowflake Migration

Our data solution experts help seamless migration from the legacy warehouse platforms to the Snowflake data platform. The Centre of Excellence offers a focused execution and an iterative approach for our customers to reap Snowflake cloud infrastructure gains, facilitating the mobilized data for a smooth flow.

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Salesforce Implementations

Managed Services

With Snowflakes, we help organizations to shift their focus from managing infrastructure to managing data. Our passionate IT team constantly optimize and innovate on the project as it matures. As Snowflake partners, our agile approach helps organizations tap into their data assets and bring value to the business projects.

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Training and Enablement

Data Integration

We use the best in class data Integration platform –MuleSoft to integrate any applications with Snowflake for data ingestion, ETLs and extraction. Snowflake’s flexible architecture allows the transformation operation even during or after loading the data.

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Application Support

Data Warehouse Modernization

Over time, the traditional data warehouse accumulates soiled data creating barriers to innovate, scale and compete. Moreover, the new data types from IoT are complicated to handle without a futuristic cloud data warehouse.

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