Spring Boot

Microservices Framework Development

The microservice can undoubtedly be called SOA done right. The microservice architecture is born out of the experiences of the industry and is a more elegant form of SOA.

With the microservices in action, Caelius Consulting will help you develop isolated, modular, and atomic services satisfying specific business requirements.

With Spring Boot, we create lightweight and scalable microservices, enabling faster deployment on-premise, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud, creating scalable solutions for your business.

SpringBoot Microservices Framework Development

After gaining an understanding of your specific technical and functional requirements, we develop microservices from scratch. Then, we put these microservices through thorough tests and also monitor the services once live. Besides, Caelius Consulting also provides customized microservices training to your teams for better adaptability enabling our clients to reap the best benefits of microservices.