PGP Encryption and Decryption using MuleSoft

Encryption is when information is converted into a secret code that hides information’s true meaning. Science of encrypting and decrypting information is called cryptography. In computing, unencrypted data is called plaintext, and encrypted data is called Ciphertext. Formulas used to encrypt, and decrypt are called encryption algorithms or Ciphers. Purpose of data encrypting is to… Continue reading PGP Encryption and Decryption using MuleSoft

MuleSoft – Splunk Integration

Pushing Mule application logs to Splunk Logging is an essential part of monitoring and troubleshooting issues and any production errors or visualizing the data. Logging must be consistent, reliable so we can use that information for discovering relevant data. Some external logging tools include ELK and Splunk MuleSoft provides its logging mechanism for storing application… Continue reading MuleSoft – Splunk Integration