Batch Processing of large data in Mule 4

What is Batch Processing? Batch Processing is the concept of processing a large number of records into batches. Batch processing can be executed without end-user interaction. Why do we need Batch Processing? If a document contains 1000 plus lines and a person wants to read all that File rather than going through the individual record… Continue reading Batch Processing of large data in Mule 4

MuleSoft – GCP BigQuery

BigQuery connecter is an asset to LoB workers as it helps in combining datasets and make well-informed decisions. The capabilities of BigQuery connecter can help in deriving more reliable data insights for Line of Business workers. Google Cloud’s strengths are leveraged with the help of BigQuery connecter in MuleSoft Anypoint exchange Pre-Requisites: BigQuery’s Service account… Continue reading MuleSoft – GCP BigQuery

PGP Encryption and Decryption using MuleSoft

Encryption is when information is converted into a secret code that hides information’s true meaning. Science of encrypting and decrypting information is called cryptography. In computing, unencrypted data is called plaintext, and encrypted data is called Ciphertext. Formulas used to encrypt, and decrypt are called encryption algorithms or Ciphers. Purpose of data encrypting is to… Continue reading PGP Encryption and Decryption using MuleSoft