CloudHub 2.0 Features and Deployment

What is CloudHub? CloudHub is MuleSoft’s managed cloud infrastructure where you can deploy your APIs and integrate. It handles billions of monthly transactions, offers 99.99% SLA, and is secure by default, adhering to all major industry security standards. From the ground up, CloudHub is designed to offer businesses a multi-tenant, safe, flexible, and highly available… Continue reading CloudHub 2.0 Features and Deployment

HL7 Connector

1) What is HL7: HL7 stands for Health Level Seven International. HL7 is a set of international standards that are used to provide guidelines about the transfer and sharing of data between various healthcare providers. It is a nonprofit organization committed to offering a comprehensive framework and related standards for the exchange, integration, sharing, and… Continue reading HL7 Connector

ACM (Anypoint Community Manager) Installation

ACM delivers capabilities on the Anypoint Platform that will be able to achieve the dev portal into a personalized digital experience, promotes organization and API Portals, and improve the collaboration between developers, partners, and employees. ACM can transform Anypoint Exchange into a personalized digital experience for various stakeholders. It can build a portal with pre-configured… Continue reading ACM (Anypoint Community Manager) Installation