Integrate Amazon S3 with Mule

MuleSoft provides an Amazon S3 connector which allows us to perform various operations on the Objects & Buckets.

Amazon Web Service’s S3 stands for “Simple Storage Service”. It is a type of cloud storage provided to the developers as a scalable solution over the Internet.  Amazon S3 uses the concept of Buckets & Objects to store the data. It allows an easy, user-friendly, fast & on-demand approach for storing & retrieving the data… Continue reading Integrate Amazon S3 with Mule

Generating Secure Properties in Mule 4

Secure Property Placeholder is an essential standard for keeping our Sensitive data like User ID and Password secure (encrypted/cipher-text) in the Property file. Securing properties is one of the crucial elements in every Mule project. MuleSoft has introduced a Secure properties generator with a point and click environment that saves time and effort in specific… Continue reading Generating Secure Properties in Mule 4