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Standalone Runtime server in Mule 4

User MuleSoft Integration Team
Calendar April 13, 2021

Why do we need a Standalone Runtime Server?

We can deploy our application on Anypoint studio. It has an embedded mule runtime server and we are deploying it on Anypoint studio. But in production, we won’t do that. We need to start standalone Mule Runtime.

How to start a Standalone Runtime Server?

  1. We need to download Mule Runtime Server from the link:
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file in your root directory.
  3. Login to your Anypoint Platform -> Runtime Manager -> Servers -> Add Server

Runtime manager

4. Popup window will be displayed as shown below.

Runtime manager pop up

  1. Go to the directory where you have extracted your  Standalone Runtime zip. Go to the bin directory and open the command prompt.

command prompt

6. Execute the command that you have copied from the above popup window. You can replace the server name with the name that you want to give to a server. Remove (./ )from the command before executing the command. Mule runtime agent will get installed after executing the above command.

Mule Agent installer

  1. Once the mule runtime agent is installed, you will see the server with your given name is created in runtime manager with status CREATED.

Standalone Runtime server

8. Now, go to Applications ->Deploy Application

9. Upload the jar file and deploy the application.

Application Deployment

10. Check the application status.

Deploy Application

11. We can check the status of the application in the bat file.

BAT file

12. Now put a get request, and we would be able to get the results.

Runtime server results

13. Use ctrl+c in the mule bat file  to disconnect the application.

bat file final

This guide will help MuleSoft Developers gaining a better understanding of deploying a Standalone Runtime server. Thanks for reading. Find more MuleSoft best practices here at Caelius Consulting Resource Centre.


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