Mule Maven Plugin

One of the ways to deploy the MuleSoft Application is using the Mule Maven Plugin. In Mule 4, when the new project is created, we find pom.xml in the project structure. Pom.xml file contains the dependency information of the modules used in the project. It manages dependencies which are required to run the application. Steps… Continue reading Mule Maven Plugin

Integrate Amazon S3 with Mule

MuleSoft provides an Amazon S3 connector which allows us to perform various operations on the Objects & Buckets.

Amazon Web Service’s S3 stands for “Simple Storage Service”. It is a type of cloud storage provided to the developers as a scalable solution over the Internet.  Amazon S3 uses the concept of Buckets & Objects to store the data. It allows an easy, user-friendly, fast & on-demand approach for storing & retrieving the data… Continue reading Integrate Amazon S3 with Mule

Generating Secure Properties in Mule 4

Secure Property Placeholder is an essential standard for keeping our Sensitive data like User ID and Password secure (encrypted/cipher-text) in the Property file. Securing properties is one of the crucial elements in every Mule project. MuleSoft has introduced a Secure properties generator with a point and click environment that saves time and effort in specific… Continue reading Generating Secure Properties in Mule 4