SFTP in MuleSoft

SFTP stands for SSH File Transfer Protocol which, unlike the FTP protocol, is secure. SFTP in MuleSoft is a secure protocol for transferring files that work more or less the same as FTP but safe. Since the files are transmitted over a secure channel, it prevents files from unauthorized access and any content or password… Continue reading SFTP in MuleSoft

Business Groups in MuleSoft CloudHub

Business groups are self-contained resource groups that contain MuleSoft Anypoint Platform resources such as applications and APIs. Business groups provide a way to separate and control access to MuleSoft Anypoint Platform resources because users have access only to the business groups in which they have a role. In this article we will discover how to… Continue reading Business Groups in MuleSoft CloudHub

JSON Logger in MuleSoft

JSON logger as the name suggests, prints the logs in json format, which can help a lot when we are logging to any external log analytic tool such as ELK or Splunk.

Setup Okta as Identity provider on MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform can be configured for Single Sign-On (SSO) using Okta, OpenAM or PingFederate. SSO is useful to authenticate and access multiple applications/websites by logging in only once. Identity Management can be configured using one of the below SSO standards: OpenID Connect SAML 2.0 Configuring Okta 1. Create an account on Okta if you do not… Continue reading Setup Okta as Identity provider on MuleSoft Anypoint Platform