MuleSoft RPA – Whitepaper

MuleSoft created MuleSoft RPA by acquiring Servicetrace, a leading provider of RPA. It is considered a software technology best suited for customers interested in creating a unified platform for their repetitive business tasks or processes. The robotic repetitiousness of MuleSoft. RPA bots make this possible. Like other RPAs, MuleSoft RPA employs business logic and structured… Continue reading MuleSoft RPA – Whitepaper

ACM (Anypoint Community Manager) Installation

ACM delivers capabilities on the Anypoint Platform that will be able to achieve the dev portal into a personalized digital experience, promotes organization and API Portals, and improve the collaboration between developers, partners, and employees. ACM can transform Anypoint Exchange into a personalized digital experience for various stakeholders. It can build a portal with pre-configured… Continue reading ACM (Anypoint Community Manager) Installation