CloudHub 2.0 for CloudHub 1.0 Users

MuleSoft has recently launched a major update of their fully managed Mule runtime engine cloud service. It significantly improves application performance and scalability with lightweight container-based isolation and simplified deployment experience to the Cloud.

MuleSoft apps may be easily deployed and run on the Cloud with CloudHub 2.0. It enables you to swiftly deploy and run MuleSoft apps, integrations, APIs, and automations to a stable and scalable environment as a fully managed, containerized managed cloud service.

The key elements CloudHub 2.0 offers are the ability to

  • Get started quickly
  • Leverage lightweight container-based isolation
  • Streamline operations
  • Containerized deployments
  • Implement tighter security controls

This Whitepaper explores the Benefits of CloudHub 2.0 to CloudHub 1.0 users and why we should deploy our Applications on CloudHub 2.0

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